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lirik lagu Padi – Work Of Heaven

18 Juli 2010

“masih ingetkan nie lagu.. Work Of Heaven lagu karya Padi yang dipake buat acara world cup 2002.”

One moment lost and passing me by
Fleding me from my own destiny
Taking away my pride cracking me into pieces… making me like a fool
So now I stand here with this conviction… reaching our for perfection
I put my life at stake for any reason… and it’s time for turning back

Even getting my soul
Even getting my self
Stranded in this (so) lonely world
Although I’ve been hurt and things have fallen… shattering before my eyes
I know I have something inside of me … and that’(s what) make me strong

Reff :
From this moment on I’ll live
From this moment on I’ll stand
From this moment on I’ll be the best I can be

silahkan download disini Padi_-_Work-of-heaven.mp3


From → musik plihan

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